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Varla Wasp

Varla Wasp

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350W Hub Motor

Equipped with a 16A speed controller, the 350W hub motor on the Wasp wheel is capable of producing a peak power output of 500W, enabling the Wasp to consistently perform at its best. It makes Wasp e-scooter the best solution for last-mile trouble.

Battery Management System

With a 36V 7.5Ah battery that comes with a range of safety protections, including low-voltage, overcharge, short circuit, power equalization output, work temperature, and current output protection, Wasp is designed with your safety in mind.

Dual Braking System

The combination of the front electronic brake and rear disc brake ensures greater security and stability.

LED Lighting System

The electric scooter comes equipped with dual headlight and taillight, providing plenty of illumination to ensure safe and visible riding in low-light conditions. Additionally, the turn signals added in the design allow for clear indication of intended turning direction.


710mm Extra Long Handlebar

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Display & Switch

The scooter's digital LED screen provides real-time updates on its working conditions, ensuring a safe ride.

Independent Suspension

The rear independent suspension can greatly absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads.

Delicate Deck

With its high-quality construction materials and distinctive design features, our deck ensures a smooth and effortless ride. And thanks to its durable, Varla-branded matte stickers, users can rest assured that their board will look and perform at its best for years to come.

Folding System

1-second fast folding. Save more time with the quick folding function.

8.5" Pneumatic Tires

It is not easy to slip and has a better shock absorption effect.

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Max. 16Mph

Max Slope

36V 7.5Ah

19Miles (depends on riding condition)

Front electronic brake & rear disc brake

8.5" Pneumatic Tires

LED Display

Aluminum alloy

Shock Absorption
Rear Spring Shock Absorption

Maximum charging time
4~5 hours (with 1.5A charge)

Payload Capacity
Max. 265 lbs

33 lbs

LED Light

Waterproof Rating

Recommended Height


Geometry Geometry
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