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Varla Eagle One V2.0

Varla Eagle One V2.0

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Varla Eagle One V2.0 Electric Scooter – your ticket to high-performance riding! Whether you’re commuting through city streets or exploring off-road trails, this scooter delivers power, reliability, and style. Here’s why the Eagle One V2.0 stands out:

  1. Dual Hub Motor: With two 1000W hub motors, this scooter packs a peak power output of 3200W. The dual sine wave controllers ensure precise motor control, maintaining optimal performance at all times.

  2. Long Range: Equipped with a 52V/20.8Ah lithium-ion battery, powered by 2x25A sine wave controllers, the Eagle One V2.0 covers up to 42 miles on a single charge (riding conditions may vary). Say goodbye to range anxiety.

  3. Speed and Climbing Ability: Reach speeds of up to 40 mph when fully charged, and conquer inclines with a climbing angle of 30+ degrees.

  4. Smooth Ride: The dual hydraulic brake system ensures safe and smooth stops, while the front and rear independent suspension absorb rough road surfaces. Plus, the 10×3.5-inch air tubeless tires provide excellent shock absorption and control.

  5. User-Friendly Features: The 3.5-inch LCD display keeps you informed about distance, speed, and battery power. Folding and unfolding are a breeze with the convenient dual lock clamp. The wide 9.1-inch deck accommodates comfortable foot positioning, and front and rear fenders keep mud away.

Get ready to explore – the Varla Eagle One V2.0 awaits! Visit our Buffalo, MN store for test rides, service, and expert advice. 🛴🌟

1000W X 2 Hub Motor

The Dual 1000W hub motor on the wheels can provide the peak power output of 3200W, which is powered by 2x25A sine wave controllers, providing smoother and more precise control over the motor, maintaining the optimal performance of the e-scooter at all times.

1082WH Battery

The 52V/20.8Ah lithium-ion battery fitted in Eagle One V2.0 allows it to travel a distance of up to 42 miles, making it ideal for long-distance riding.

Dual Hydraulic Brake

High-performance dual hydraulic brake system ensures you a safe and smooth sudden brake.

Dual Shock Absorption

The front and rear independent suspension can greatly absorb the discomfort caused by rough roads.

LED Lighting System

Comes with a big headlight and taillights system, which provides illumination for riding at night and increases visibility to those around you. Plus, ambient lighting adds a stylish touch and extra visibility to your travels.

710mm Extra Long Handlebar

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710mm Extra Long Handlebar

Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy with an ergonomic structure and CNC precision bending, maximizes your control during off-road adventures.

10X3.5 inches Air Tubeless Tires

Equipped with 3.5-inch wide, high-quality rubber tires that not only provide superior grip and traction but are also designed to be puncture-resistant and pressure-resistant, ensuring a smoother and more reliable off-road ride experience.

Wide Deck

The 9.1-inch-wide deck provides enough space for your feet to stand. If you want more room, you can select a 13.8-inch widened maple board from gear.

NFC Card System

Our Eagle One V2.0 features an NFC card system that enhances your scooter's security, allowing only authorized users to operate it and giving you peace of mind.

Folding Clamp

With its user-friendly locking clamp, this electric scooter can be easily folded up and down for your convenience. We've also added a secondary latch for extra protection and safety, ensuring a secure and stable ride even at high speeds.

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Dual hub motor, 1000W x 2

52V / 20.8Ah lithium-ion battery

Dual hydraulic brake

Max Range
Up to 42 miles (depends on riding condition)

Top Speed
Reach up to 40 mph when fully charged

Climbing Angle
30+ degrees

10×3.5 inches air tubeless tires

3.5-inch LCD display

2A charger

82 Ibs

Max. 330 lbs / Recommended 265 lbs

Frame Material
6061 aluminum alloy

Front LED light / Rear red LED light / Ambient lights

Charging Time
9-10h (single charger) / 5-6h (two chargers)

Recommended Height

Waterproof Rating


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