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Exway Wave

Exway Wave

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Experience the Exhilaration of the Exway Wave! The Exway Wave, a remarkable addition to the X series boards, redefines electric skateboarding. With its sleek, integrated design, this lightweight electric skateboard delivers impressive performance and smart features. Despite its compact size, the Exway Wave packs a punch, making it perfect for urban adventures and daily commuting. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or exploring new territories, the Exway Wave promises an electrifying ride that’ll leave you craving more! 

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Unmatched flexibility

• Exway Wave is not only smaller in size and weight, but also meets the performance needed for daily use. You can put it under your seat, throw it in your suitcase, the possibilities are endless.

• Also a shorter distance between front and rear trucks with kick tail design leads to an unparalleled agility;

  • • Standard equipped tail puck can better protect the deck without having to worry about wearing down the deck.

Quick-Swap Battery Modules

Designed to be safe and compact so riders can throw it in their backpack anytime. At just under 2 kg/ 4lbs, the 180Wh module gives riders up to 20km/12miles of range on a single charge, and doubles as a power bank to charge mobile devices. (Max 10W)

Hassle-Free Lighting with ESC 2.0

To maximize the space available for the battery module, we've built the ESC into the base of the drivetrain. And we didn't stop there.Front and rear lights powered by the battery module have also been integrated into the base of the trucks,controlled by one touch button on the remote.No more bending down to turn your lights on, no more forgetting to charge your lights, just grab your Wave and go ride!

In-House Deck Design

Here at Exway, we love a comfortable yet controllable deck, so we created our own cruiser-style deck for the Wave, with variable concave, foot pockets and wheel flares. Oh and we didn't forget the most important part, a kicktail!
Constructed with layered fiberglass and maple, then finished with a UV cured coat, we made sure the Wave would stand up to the "drop and go" ride style of the most seasoned skaters.

ESC 2.0 Inside

Powerful yet smooth, the ESC 2.0 housed between the drivetrain and deck makes the Wave an ultra-nimble and controllable ride.

One Board, Two Ways To Ride

Compatible with belt and hub drives using our in-house Trist RKP trucks, swap one out for the other easily
and experience a whole new way to ride.

Smart and Safe Power

With individual cell monitoring for all 24 cells within the battery module, UL certified software and hardware protection systems, and rated for IP55 water resistance; charge, store, and ride the Wave worry-free as we've put in the work to make it as safe as we can.

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