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Exway Flex

Exway Flex

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Experience Adventures in New Territories! Rise to your Passion! The Exway Flex, part of the X series boards, is designed to present the future shape of electric skateboards. Packed in the sleekest, lightest, integrated form factor, it’s an ultra-performance, stunningly smart, and highly portable electric skateboard. Despite its small footprint and relatively light weight, the Exway Flex boasts incredible strength and agility, making it the ideal choice for riders who crave both style and substance. Whether you’re commuting through the city or carving up the streets, the Exway Flex delivers an exhilarating ride that’s sure to turn heads.

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Flexin' Both Performance and Ride Quality!

Exway is proud to introduce a high-performance, feature-packed electric skateboard at an even more affordable price.

Super Flex

Combining a classic deck design with high-tech construction and materials, the Flex deck is made to go electric.
Calculated placement of the fiberglass layers wrapped around a bamboo core allows us to tune and optimize the flex profile, maximizing stability and comfort.

Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Vibration damping griptape, shock absorbing risers, high-rebound urethane wheels.

Combined, these little features on the Flex elevate its ride comfort beyond the sum of 'em all.

One Board, Two Ways to Ride

Belt or hub, all it takes is 4 screws and two plugs. Our versatile ESC makes the next step even easier - a few taps on the Exway app and you'll be good to go.

Strong. Precise. Made To Go Electric.

The Flex comes standard with our in-house designed Trist RKP trucks. Designed to endure long ride sessions across the most punishing terrain, both the hangers and baseplates are forged then CNC-machine for both strength and precision.

Mobile App Support

Tune your Flex for a personalized ride experience with our advanced mobile app. From acceleration curves to special ride modes like cruise control, discover new ways to ride your Flex every day.

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